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“The holder of a birth certificate enjoys the presumption of a perfected lien – evidence of the holder’s lien against the strawman. It exists weather we claim it or not”

A friend of mine was involved in a traffic court, a minor offence. He tried something based on info we had at that time. He was able to settle the matter with his birth certificate (touched on in the audio below). The method we used was effective, but not the proper way to achieve protection from Court and other claims, or to settle matters.

They know you are not the STRAWMAN, Debtor, taxpayer, driver and numerous other legal persons. They know you are not the ALL CAPS NAME. But that’s not why they need your involvement. It has nothing to do with the offending of a law, rule, or regulation, except that is the ruse to get you involved. They need a banker’s acceptance.

Sample of Info

The way to protect yourself, your Estate, funds, property and family, from court and other claims, part of your remedy, believe it or not, is found in the Securities Transfer Act (Canada provinces) and U.C.C. Article 8 for other jurisdictions.
There is something you have to do that you’ve not done. Until you do you is considered a MINOR.

MUST read doc.

The foundation of all Accounts/Trusts.

Uniform Securitization Scheme

Whether or not the content of the "Ancient System of Pledging pdf" you read here is true, that is exactly what people are bound up in, world-wide……….

Our enslavement as chattel began as explained in the Uniform Securitization Scheme. This is further explained in the "Rules of the Game and How to Play". We offer 800 plus pages of Reclaim your Securities yahoo posts. These posts provide, in great detail and accuracy, an understanding of the ancient system, the courts, government, banks, the financial system, as well as remedies. For them it’s all securities and security interests – who holds the highest claim? This is KEY, as is how to properly establish and secure the highest claim. So when we say - secure control over one’s Life, Freedom, and Property, it means - I control the highest CLAIM to my Estate in the Public Trust (the surety), and thus over my Life, Freedom, and Property. This is a Game Changer for us. 

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