This information does not come with a birth certificate

The Registrar General does not provide identification documents;

It is not possible to determine whether a person presenting a birth certificate is the person named on it merely by looking at the document;

A birth certificate may be used as a foundation document for identification purposes;

A birth certificate may be used to obtain personal identification documents, such as a driver license and passport. May be used to obtain benefits and services;

The name (last, first and middle name(s) or single name) indicated on the Statement of Live Birth becomes the child’s legal name.

The short version of the foregoing: A birth certificate is not and was never intended to be used, by you, the recipient, as personal identification.

Even though you may do so, it is not intended by the issuer of birth certificates that it be used by you, to obtain, among other things, a driver’s license, passport, taxpayer number, bank or other accounts. It was never intended you sign anything. But you did sign things and this is how they got you to be a debtor citizen taxpayer.

Now the government does not do thing for no reason. So, if a birth certificate is not and was never intended to be personal identification, what purpose then does a birth certificate serve? Why go through the process of registering births, and making certificates available, if they are not personal identification documents?

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